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TheMinako's Guide to Fanfiction Reviews

Recently, I got a rather... I suppose it could be classified as a "bad" review on an old fanfiction story I wrote way back when (about 2 years ago). Granted, it wasn't a very good story... the characters were... out of character, and the plot was a little bit weak, that didn't seem to bother this person in the least. Nope, their problem was the pairing... for those of you who know me well enough, you know that approximately two/three years ago was my great Fullmetal Alchemist obsession. Along with that came my first real shounen-ai love RoyxEd.

My problem, however, had nothing to do with their aversion to my choice of pairing or anything like that. It was actually because this review was so poorly written, grammatically incorrect, and repetitive in all the wrong ways that I honestly felt bad for them. Especially when they referred to me as a "retard" multiple times. I was torn between laughing at them and feeling sorry for them for honestly thinking they'd made... some sort of impression on me.

So, as a guideline to future flamers everywhere, I've taken the time (it was fun, don't worry) to write up a... guide of sorts... so you don't end up sounding like a slow third grader when reviewing a story rudely.

(TheMinako's Guide to Fanfiction Flaming: A Comprehensive Guideline to Not Making Yourself Look Like an Idiot in Bad Reviews)

Possibly the most idiotic thing I've ever written, but it was fun. :/

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