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With nothing better to do, I could either draw fan art or spam people's f-lists, and this community. It's obvious which one I've chosen. Originally I was going to post these in different entries, but they're all kind of short and link together so I figured it would be best to just put them in one entry.

Work: Tsukiakari Senshi
Rating: PG
Summary: All about Miho covering from her first night in Minako's house to her apprenticeship with Katsumi.
Author's Notes: I like writing post-series stuff like this. Here’s a little bit about Minako’s family and Miho's training and whatnot... These are parts 2 through 5 of a five part thing I was asked to do by pepsibighair259. Part one can be found here. The rest is under that fake cut there...

( call me anything resembling ‘aunt’ and I’ll skin you alive! )
Tags: minako, tsukiakari senshi
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