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Title: Hallway Fighting
Work: Tsukiakari Senshi
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,069
Summary: Hera’s second encounter with Ben leaves her unconscious with yet another detention.
Author’s notes: This idea (along with a few others) was originally pepsibighair259’s. At one point in time she was writing this entire story from Hera’s point of view, adding in little things that happened during Hera’s first week at Matsudai Boarding School. Recently I’ve changed up the timeline to include Hera’s transfer into the story, and as such I took over and reworked some of these ideas to fit Hera’s mutated personality. (which I say because she didn’t used to be this shy.)

( but you turned into a *wet stick* )
Tags: minako, tsukiakari senshi
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