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Maple Story is undergoing server maitenence and I have nothing better to do with my time. (Except sleep but that's not sounding so fabulous right now...) So I'm spamming you. I hope you love it. This is only the beginning.

Title: Rei Mino Knows Everything
Work: Tsukiakari Senshi
Rating: G (I think)
Word Count: 420
Summary: Hera and Rei have a little chat about their pyromaniacal friend and a certain blonde student council representative.
Author’s notes: Written a long time ago, and never posted. I figured this one was probably pretty important because throughout the rest of the story Hera makes references to this conversation. I love Rei and her hilarity.

( I heard you had a run-in with Ben today. )
Tags: minako, tsukiakari senshi
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