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The Creative Journal of Minako, Coprea, and Pancake
we're all crazy here
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Adam Lambert // with a black color liner
Recently, I got a rather... I suppose it could be classified as a "bad" review on an old fanfiction story I wrote way back when (about 2 years ago). Granted, it wasn't a very good story... the characters were... out of character, and the plot was a little bit weak, that didn't seem to bother this person in the least. Nope, their problem was the pairing... for those of you who know me well enough, you know that approximately two/three years ago was my great Fullmetal Alchemist obsession. Along with that came my first real shounen-ai love RoyxEd.

My problem, however, had nothing to do with their aversion to my choice of pairing or anything like that. It was actually because this review was so poorly written, grammatically incorrect, and repetitive in all the wrong ways that I honestly felt bad for them. Especially when they referred to me as a "retard" multiple times. I was torn between laughing at them and feeling sorry for them for honestly thinking they'd made... some sort of impression on me.

So, as a guideline to future flamers everywhere, I've taken the time (it was fun, don't worry) to write up a... guide of sorts... so you don't end up sounding like a slow third grader when reviewing a story rudely.

(TheMinako's Guide to Fanfiction Flaming: A Comprehensive Guideline to Not Making Yourself Look Like an Idiot in Bad Reviews)

Possibly the most idiotic thing I've ever written, but it was fun. :/

fake cut to the_minako_baka
Adam Lambert // with a black color liner
First of all, welcome so_many_dynamos to our creative team. I'm hoping she'l... eventually get an introduction post up, and link to some of her older stories. She's mostly a fanfiction writer, and I respect her for that. I can't write fanfiction to save my life.

Second, hey! New story, lemme know what you think, aye?

Title: Phone Call
Work: Untitled
Rating PG-13
Word Count: 1633
Summary: When Lindsey makes the biggest mistake of his life, the first person he calls is his sister, Willow. Willow is, with good reason, displeased to learn that her brother has resurrected the victim of a demon attack because he felt responsible.
Author’s Note: Yes… a new story… I’m… unsure what I think of it this far… I think it could be promising… however, I haven’t a clue how to start it… This is… sort of a very long summary of… the main points of the first chapter. And yes, Lindsey is male! It can be a boy’s name too! Any feedback on the story itself (or any mistakes I’ve made) would be greatly appreciated. As long as it has nothing to do with Lindsey’s name. I like his name, darnit.

( that thing was *not* a level one demon )
Adam Lambert // with a black color liner
With nothing better to do, I could either draw fan art or spam people's f-lists, and this community. It's obvious which one I've chosen. Originally I was going to post these in different entries, but they're all kind of short and link together so I figured it would be best to just put them in one entry.

Work: Tsukiakari Senshi
Rating: PG
Summary: All about Miho covering from her first night in Minako's house to her apprenticeship with Katsumi.
Author's Notes: I like writing post-series stuff like this. Here’s a little bit about Minako’s family and Miho's training and whatnot... These are parts 2 through 5 of a five part thing I was asked to do by pepsibighair259. Part one can be found here. The rest is under that fake cut there...

( call me anything resembling ‘aunt’ and I’ll skin you alive! )
23rd-Jun-2008 06:37 am - & Another dirty look from a passerby
Adam Lambert // with a black color liner
Title: Miho
Work: Tsukiakari Senshi
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,980
Summary: Katsumi’s most recent experiment goes horribly wrong…
Author’s Notes: because pepsibighair259 won’t leave me alone about it. :)

why are you holding a broom? )

Okay, so yeah. This whole thing makes me want to do a kind of reflective thing on Akihiko and Nana. They're so funny.
Adam Lambert // with a black color liner
Title: Training Session
Work: Tsukiakari Senshi
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,204
Summary: Minako decides to give Hera some training for gym class, but Hera invites some guests that ruin the whole thing.
Author’s notes: Another one that was originally pepsibighair259’s. Fun fun fun. Dialog heaaaaavyyyyyyy.

( I suggested he bring a friend... )
19th-Jun-2008 03:35 am - & enjoy your nightmares, honey
Adam Lambert // with a black color liner
Told you I'm spamming the lot o' ya.

Title: Hallway Fighting
Work: Tsukiakari Senshi
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,069
Summary: Hera’s second encounter with Ben leaves her unconscious with yet another detention.
Author’s notes: This idea (along with a few others) was originally pepsibighair259’s. At one point in time she was writing this entire story from Hera’s point of view, adding in little things that happened during Hera’s first week at Matsudai Boarding School. Recently I’ve changed up the timeline to include Hera’s transfer into the story, and as such I took over and reworked some of these ideas to fit Hera’s mutated personality. (which I say because she didn’t used to be this shy.)

( but you turned into a *wet stick* )
Adam Lambert // with a black color liner
Maple Story is undergoing server maitenence and I have nothing better to do with my time. (Except sleep but that's not sounding so fabulous right now...) So I'm spamming you. I hope you love it. This is only the beginning.

Title: Rei Mino Knows Everything
Work: Tsukiakari Senshi
Rating: G (I think)
Word Count: 420
Summary: Hera and Rei have a little chat about their pyromaniacal friend and a certain blonde student council representative.
Author’s notes: Written a long time ago, and never posted. I figured this one was probably pretty important because throughout the rest of the story Hera makes references to this conversation. I love Rei and her hilarity.

( I heard you had a run-in with Ben today. )
7th-May-2008 06:57 pm - & You were never that good to me
Adam Lambert // with a black color liner
Title: Let Me Help You
'Fandom': The LUNA Project
Claim: General
Prompt: 080. Why?
Word Count: 772
Rating: T
Summary: Wesley confronts Kokuzo about his obvious health problems
Author's Notes: This scene has been going on in my head forever, and I finally drew it a few days ago, and decided I should write out the story since I was at it.

( You're lying and I know it. )
7th-May-2008 05:33 pm - & and I offer no sympathy for that
Adam Lambert // with a black color liner
I like fake cuts.

Here's a fake cut to my "big damn table" for my LUNA Project claim over in 100_original

Work: The LUNA Project
Claim: General
Author: here_come_dots (posted in the_minako_baka

( i hear you think that i'm crazy )

that fake cut leads you to the_minako_baka my new writing journal... :O
Adam Lambert // with a black color liner
What's this?! An icon post, perhaps? Why! Yes! I do believe it is!

45 icons from various fandoms:

[10] Kingdom Hearts (I and II)
[9] Final Fantasy VII
[9] D.Gray-Man
[4] Invader Zim
[3] Final Fantasy XII
[3] Appleseed
[7] Other (Death Note, Chobits, D.N. Angel, and Final Fantasy III)


( Annie Dreams That Everyone Is Dead )

Fake cut to xsugar_guitarx my shiny new icon journal! yay.

x-posted some... sorry for those of you who get spammed ^^;;
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