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The Creative Journal of Minako, Coprea, and Pancake

we're all crazy here

The Creative Journal of Minako Coprea and Pancake
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The icons, stories, and general creativeness of Minako Coprea and Pancake

Hello there! You've somehow discovered the creative journal of "the Minako-baka" (here_come_dots), Coprea (pepsibighair295), and Pancake (so_many_dynamos).

Here you'll find chapters and other snippits of original stories, fanfiction, fan art and general art by the three of us, and the occasional (or hopefully not so occasional) icon post by Minako.

Here's to hoping any of this will interest you!

There are a few rules we ask that you follow, though:
Constructive criticism is nice. Flaming is not.
If you're taking icons, credit is a MUST
Hotlinking is a sin not cool.

Some Useful Links For You:
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Other Linkage:
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