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Adam Lambert // with a black color liner
Title: Prologue
Work: Gifted
Word Count: 897
Rating: PG
Summary:The Gifted- a group of people in custody of the government, born with supernatural abilities. When one of them escapes, the government will try everything to get her back.
Author’s Notes: This is pretty old. I was going back through my journal today, and I found this. I spiffed it up a little bit and decided to post it here. :3

( Find them at all costs! )

Oh look, another fake cut to kaori_kamachi. I'm just spamming this community today, aren't I? :D
Adam Lambert // with a black color liner
Title: Visit
Work: Unspecified. (Somewhere after Tsukiakari Senshi and before Starseed)
Characters: Miho, Mirra, Kasai, and Rei
Word Count: 308
Rating: G
Summary: An unexpected visitor shows up at the 1000 Cranes, and Miho is the only one who sees her.
Author's Notes: Just some randomness that tried to eat my head yesterday. When I wrote it out I liked it, so I decided to post it... :3

The ghost of a smiling little girl with black hair and glasses…Collapse )

Oh yeah, that totally makes sense, right? Probably not… Don’t worry about it. I’ll get to that eventually. But for now I’m leaving it at that. :3

By the way, that's not a fake cut. Surprise!
Adam Lambert // with a black color liner
Title: Late
'Fandom': LUNA Project
Claim: General
Prompt: 066. Rain
Word Count: 829
Rating: PG
Summary: Sylvette and Adonis wait for Kokuzo and Wesley to meet up after a mission.
Author’s Notes:Originally I claimed this so I could write 100 stories about OLYMPUS but this seems to be the first time I’ve actually written anything at all about them. It’s funny how things work out. (This has not been beta-read.)

( He's Late )

If you haven't figured it out by now, that's a fake cut to kaori_kamachi... :D

Adam Lambert // with a black color liner
And again! I'm back with original fiction! Maybe I'll post this on my actual journal too.... just to make people read it.... o.O ANYWAY!

This hasn't been beta read yet... so please excuse any grammar/spelling mistakes. My beta is a little busy, and I wanted to post this right away. ^^;;

Title: First Impressions
'Fandom': LUNA Project
Claim: General
Prompt: 076. Who?
Word Count: 858
Rating: PG
Summary: Kaori meets the President’s son.
Author’s Notes: None really. Written in first person again from Kaori’s point of view. To better explore her personality and such. ;)

( I was absolutely positive that my preconceptions were right on the mark. )

And of course, the fake cut leads you to my writing journal kaori_kamachi. Enjoy, please!

Adam Lambert // with a black color liner
It's Minako! Finally back with another one! I know, it took me long enough, jeez, I'm so lazy, right? -_-;; I know, I know... So, enough of me, ONWARD!

Title: Death
'Fandom': LUNA Project
Claim: General Work
Prompt: 030. Death
Word Count: 2,160
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kaori reminisces about her past, what exactly she is, and what happened before she was recruited into the military.
Author's Notes: Written in first person, because it seemed most appropriate. and I need the practice

( It's not like these memories are painful or anything... )

Yes, again, that's a fake cut. It will send you to my LUNA journal kaori_kamachi

8th-Aug-2007 03:09 pm - Chapter 5 up
I forgot to post yesterday for some reason, but I remembered that I forgot, so here's chapter 5.

A Bump in the Road, chapter 5Collapse )

So that was chapter 5. Currently, that's the last chapter I have typed up, so I don't know how long it will be before the next chapter is posted, but I promise chapter 6 will be up as soon as I'm finished with it.
6th-Aug-2007 02:31 pm - Chapter 4 is up
The latest update on my story. Here's chapter 4.

A Bump in the Road, chapter 4Collapse )

Yeah, more drama. It's going to be pretty dramatic for a while. But I still like this chapter because you see the first glimpse at my favorite character (even if you don't have a clue what she looks like or what her name is >.>). You'll definitely be seeing a lot of her, which makes me happy because, as I said, she's my favorite character. Anyway, once again, comments are appreciated.
5th-Aug-2007 08:24 pm - Chapter 3 is up now
Sorry I haven't updated in the last couple of days. I was at my dad's and my story is saved on my computer, so I couldn't access it to post the next chapter. Anyway, I'm back now, so here's the next chapter.

A Bump in the Road, Chapter 3Collapse )

So yeah, this story has definitely taken a very dramatic turn. Comments would still be appreciated please. I'll have the next chapter up tomorrow.
2nd-Aug-2007 07:13 pm - Back again with another chapter
So I said I'd post the next chapter soon and here it is. I don't have much to say right now, so I'll get straight to the story.

A Bump in the Road, Chapter 2Collapse )

Hmm. I think that chapter was shorter than the first. Oh well. Chapter 3 will be up tomorrow. Please comment if you have anything to say :D
Adam Lambert // with a black color liner
Hi there! It's Minako pretending to be her muse, Kaori, because she's a spaz and talks about herself in third person a lot! (Minako, not Kaori)
I felt like posting the first chapter of The LUNA Project because it's the only thing I have written out.

This is actually for a claim for the community 100_original and since I'll be cross posting here, too. You lucky people will get to read little snippets and tidbits that I won't be including in the real story. Unfortunately, this one isn't one of them... This is the actual honest to God first chapter. I'm sort of longwinded sometimes, just like Demeter but not quite as bad so then, without further ado:

Title: Major Kaori Kamachi
Work': LUNA Project
Claim: General
Prompt: 001. Beginnings
Word Count: 2,779
Rating: PG-13
Summary: To deal with an armed bank robbery, a qualified professional must be called in. But is she really all that professional?
Author’s Notes: I’m aware that a bank robbery sounds a little cliché, but that was almost intentional.

(I'm not small!)

And yes, that's a fake cut that will take you to my magical journal dedicated to that story. Because fake cuts make me happy. :D Have fun... please enjoy, and I'll love you forever.
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